Learn to Teach WingChun®

Professional Degree Program
International Academy of WingChun®

Become officially certified as a professional WingChun® Instructor. Attain the high-quality reputation upheld by the International Academy of WingChun®. Create the possibility to teach Self-Defense as your hobby or career. Be your own boss, never lose your job. Supplement your current income. Support yourself by sharing what you already love doing.

The IAW Degrees Program, culminating in the Assistant Instructor Degree (AID) and Instructor Degree I (IDI), is offered annually. The overall goal is for you to understand the theory and practice of WingChun® well enough to teach it effectively. The AID Program covers Student Levels (SL) 1-2, including Introduction, Basics, and Siu Nim Tau. The IDI Program covers SL 3-5, including Terminology, Chi Sao, and Tsum Kiu.

Location: IAW-US Headquarters
Instructor: Sihing Paul Wang
Modules: Saturdays, 2:30-5:00 pm
Cost: $50/Module
Exam: 10/18/09
Apply: Download Application

Assistant Instructor Degree
Format: 6 Modules
Schedule A: 5/16, 30; 6/13, 27; 7/11, 25
Schedule B: 8/8, 22; 9/5, 19; 10/3, 10
Prerequisite*: 7 SL
Cost: $270 (10% Prepay Discount; Due 5/16, 8/8)

Instructor Degree I
Format: 12 Modules
Schedule: 5/16, 30; 6/13, 27; 7/11, 25; 8/8, 22; 9/5, 19; 10/3, 10
Prerequisite*: 9 SL
Cost: $540 (10% Prepay Discount; Due 5/16)

*You may begin or participate in the Degree Program with any SL, but the prerequisites as defined above must be attained before applying for the Degree Exam on October 18, 2009 with Sifu Klaus Brand.

Leading a WingChun® Group

  1. The first classification is a Working Group, which can be led by a SL 6 who is completing the AID.
  2. The second classification is a WingChun® Group, which can be led by a Pre-Primary Level who has completed the AID.
  3. The third classification is an Academy of WingChun®, which can be led by a First Technician Grade who has completed the IDI.

For More Information
Contact: Sihing Paul Wang
Email: HQ@IAW-US.com
Call: 510-666-9261
Visit: http://www.iaw-hq.com/berufsausb_eng.htm

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