Across the Atlantic

During late February, I will travel to the IAW-HQ in Bruchsal, Germany and the IAW-UK HQ in Tunbridge Wells, England to meet with IAW Grandmaster, Sifu Klaus Brand, during a series of Special Events:

  • 2/20/09: Technician Class, IAW-UK
  • 2/21/09: Technician Exam, IAW-UK
  • 2/22/09: WingChun Seminar, IAW-UK
  • 2/27/09: Technician Class, IAW-HQ
  • 2/27/09: Master Class, IAW-HQ
  • 2/28/09: Combat Class, IAW-HQ

As a long-time Private Student of Sifu Brand, I also plan to continue my progress through the IAW curriculum by pursuing the WingChun 4th Technician Grade, WingChun 3rd Instructor Degree and Escrima Dos Manos program qualifications. Of course, upon my return to the IAW-US, you’ll benefit by receiving the latest upgrades and deepest insights of our system.

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